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On this day, October 2, World Day of Nonviolence,

  • In our right to reaffirm the human being as the highest value and central concern.
  • Recalling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We declare that war is a disaster for people all over the world.
  • We defend the right of the people not to participate, nor to collaborate, with the war. The right of the people not to kill, or to die. The right of people to live in peace. People are not killed.
  • We publicly denounce that whoever is behind the war is the big economic interests. They are the ones who hide behind corrupt and incapable leaders with their deceitful words.
  • We demand to abide by the Resolutions and Recommendations of the United Nations.
  • We demand immediate withdrawal from the invaded territories.
  • We demand the dismantling of nuclear arsenals.
  • We demand progressive control and disarmament.
  • We demand to make the Law and Justice work, not hinder it.
  • In the domestic order, comply with what is preached, leaving behind the hypocritical rhetoric that poisons the new generations.
  • In the personal order, give coherence to our lives and treat others as we want to be treated. We make a public call to pressure everywhere and at all times those who decide. To spread the ideals of Peace and the methodology of Active Non-violence, to empty, not to collaborate, with violence.

The time has come to call for the necessary union of all humanists in the world.

The time has come to stop as each one can, this disaster.

We must prepare, among all and for all, the path of the new times.

World Coordination Team of The Community for Human Development

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Communication II - April 2014 - World Coordination Team.

Dear friends of the Community,


We send this communication to the General Elections’ Calendar 2014 of the Community and some topics to consider.
We want to encourage you to take advantage of new full members to join our organization; this is a very good opportunity.
Furthermore, note that in the pre-election dates, we send a link to each full member so you can make your vote. It is important that you send the document data that we attach this time (that Excel has two pages, one with general data of the country and another to the basics and mail each full member). The Elections for the World Team will be made through electronic voting, if full members with not easy access to the internet, please let us know another way to facilitate voting. (Remember also that each country organizes its elections for Country Coordination Team , from the World Coordination Team organized just for Elections World Coordination Team ).

Finally , we invite all full members who want to stand for election to the World Coordination Team to send a short message and a photo to give publicity on the web and make it visible to the other members of the Community.

They can send it to the following address :


General Elections’ Calendar  2014


April 13th: Central Electoral Board Constitution in the countries.

May 1st -13th: World Economic Campaign.

May 14th – 25th: The census is send to the World Coordination Team.

       The candidates for the new World Coordination Team are send.

May 28th: Presentation of the candidates.

June 7th y 8th: Elections: Country Coordination Teams & World Coordination Team.

June 11th: World Information of the new Country Coordination Teams & World Coordination Team chosen.

For any enquiry or doubt you can send a mail to:


A big hug to all!


World Coordination Team

Community for the human development

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Communication March 21, 2013 - World Coordination Team

Dear Friends of the Community


We hope everyone is well!


We would like to resume contact and comment about the milestones on the

inner-organizational calendar of the organism in the months of April and May 2013.


As you recall, in May 2012 the elections in the base teams, the Country Coordinating Teams and World Coordination Team (WCT) were made. A month earlier, there were the census and the global financial campaign.


Elections for the Country Teams and the WCT are every two years, so we will not have elections this year in those instances, but it will be done at the level of base teams, where elections are conducted annually.


We’ll also make the annual financial campaign, as reflected in the schedule below.


The value of the contribution in each country, will be the same as last year (see table at the end of this communication).


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