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Communication March 21, 2013 - World Coordination Team

Dear Friends of the Community


We hope everyone is well!


We would like to resume contact and comment about the milestones on the

inner-organizational calendar of the organism in the months of April and May 2013.


As you recall, in May 2012 the elections in the base teams, the Country Coordinating Teams and World Coordination Team (WCT) were made. A month earlier, there were the census and the global financial campaign.


Elections for the Country Teams and the WCT are every two years, so we will not have elections this year in those instances, but it will be done at the level of base teams, where elections are conducted annually.


We’ll also make the annual financial campaign, as reflected in the schedule below.


The value of the contribution in each country, will be the same as last year (see table at the end of this communication).




The distribution of the contributions is as follows:

60%: Base Team

30%: Country Coordinating Team.

10%: World Coordination Team.


The Census will be based on the full members who have made their collection and include the number of full members, advocacy groups and base teams in each country.


Each country will be organized to collect the contributions, making the census and pass the information to the World Coordination Team.


When there is no Country Coordination Team, the contributions will be collected by the responsible of the country.


Calendar for the update of the census of Full Members, Global Financial Campaign and Elections Base Teams.


From April 21 to May 5. Financial campaign for all full members.


6 to 8 May. Pass of the Census Data to the Coordination World Team on each region, using the following region responsible:

Africa and America: María Luque; marialuque83@gmail.com

Europe and Asia: Alberto Pero, alberto.pero@fastwebnet.it


On 21 and 22 May. Elections in the base teams.



For any questions or concerns, we remind you that the materials and official communications are in the global web of TC: www.lacomunidadmundial.org, or write to ecmlacomunidad@gmail.com



A big hug to everyone!


World Coordination Team.

The Community for Human Development





* This statement is being sent to each country responsible, who is responsible for forwarding the Country Coordination Team. If there is no responsible in the country, it will be sent to all full members.


Value of the contributions by country:


Argentina 150 pesos
Bangladesh 100 takas
Bolivia 15 $
Brasil 100 reales
Czech Republic 40 €
Chile 36 $
España 50 €
Ghana 1 $
Holanda 150 €
Italia 80 €
Mali ?
México 4$
Mozambique 4 $
Nepal ?
Perú 10 $
Portugal 40 €
Suisse 300 fra suiz
United States ?


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