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World communiqué on the pandemic

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Photo Miroslava Chrienova, Pixabay

The World Coordination Team of The Community for Human Development, in the face of the global health catastrophe that is occurring due to the COVI Pandemic, made even more evident in the very serious events that are happening to our brothers in India, Bangladesh, Latinamerica, Africa and many other places of this Universal Human Nation.

We make a worldwide call to all international organisms, social organizations and individuals to help in this critical situation and to act, as far as they can, to solve immediately this serious Pandemic that is devastating humanity.

We call for solidarity among individuals and peoples, convinced that there will be no future for anyone, if it does not belong to everyone and for everyone.

For all these reasons, we demand immediately:

1.  The release of patents on all vaccines.

2.  The massive production and urgent distribution of vaccines to the entire world population.

3.  The production and distribution of all pharmacological treatments and material means, essential to treat this Pandemic.

4.  The control of the world sanitary situation to the world organisms: UN, WHO, PAHO, etc. their coordination and the application of these and other measures, using the necessary means.

We are sure that:



Nothing more. Thank you very much.


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Mundial Coordination Team 2020-2022 of THE COMMUNITY for human development.

Meeting by Zoom at 16 h (EU time) with the participation of: Yolanda Irisarri, Fulvio Faro and Angel Pascual.

After the greetings, a brief summary of the previous minutes is made.

Agenda: Report on activities and proposals for functions.

Coordination: Yolanda informs that contact with the liaisons of the different countries continues to be prioritized, giving priority to those who had not sent activities to the Newsletter. Acknowledgement of receipt has been received from Peru and a response from the Chilean Coordination Team (Gloria) stating that they are helping in neighborhoods with meals, raffles, etc.

A communication has been sent to the rest of the Country liaisons, encouraging them to expand their participation through the next Newsletter.

Newsletter: Fulvio reports that he contacted India and although he has no Country liaison, they will try to note their activities for the next Newsletter as well as reconnect with the friends of the Community who were in Nepal.

In the next Newsletter, the activities of some Base Teams that were not published in the last Newsletter will be included. The links of each Country will be noted at the end of the Bulletin, and the links of the different Base Teams themselves will be left to spread their actions.

Web: Angel informs that, thanks to Giorgio Mancuso, the Official Materials and the Recommended Materials have already been included in the web. There are still pending things (uploading the Foundational Documents, Minutes, adapting the Tabs of the web, etc.) that will be done soon.

Books: Fulvio reports on the subject, it is commented that, as the whole book has already been revised by Martine Siccard, all that remains is to revise the back cover in French, layout the edition, ask for estimates and send it to the presses. The issue of expanding the edition of the Community Book in Italian will be discussed at a future meeting in Italy.

Census: It is suggested to fix June again as the key annual month of the Organism, at an organizational level, after the adaptation to the pandemic in 2020, it will be evaluated in the next chat. It is important to emphasize to the Country Liaisons that it is essential to receive the annual collection at the Mundial Coordination Team in order to be registered as a Full Member of the Community. If the collection does not reach the MCT, you will not be registered as a Full Member.

October 2nd: International Day of Non-violence. It is left to remember the importance of this date in The Community, leaving for the next chat how to do it, (previous Bulletin, Zoom with country links, etc).

And to make a calendar with the world milestones in the next meeting.

Next Zoom Meeting: May 16, at 16h (Europe Region) and 21h (Asia Region).

Nothing else. Thank you very much.

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