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Chandra Babu .K (India)

Chandra BabuName: Chandra Babu .K

Age: 63 years

Address: Kannur, Kerala, South India.

Activities of Humanist Movement

Joining Date: December, 1984

Details: Organism The Community for Human Development

1985: Embarking on the Journey of Humanist Student Line

In 1985, we embarked on a transformative journey with the establishment of the Humanist Student Line in colleges. Our primary objective was to promote a violence-free campus and foster harmony within the community. Through the distribution of printed newsletters and the organization of activities at the Humanist Canter, we aimed to create awareness and engage students in meaningful discussions.

We Recognize the Importance of Environmental Protection

Our commitment to creating a better world extended beyond the confines of educational institutions. We recognized the significance of environmental protection and actively organized various initiatives in this regard. By raising awareness and initiating actions, we sought to contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations.

2006: Uniting for Positive Change

In 2006, we took a significant step forward by establishing an anti-hartal front through the Community for Human Development. Our goal was to prevent violent political protests and promote alternative methods of expression. This initiative garnered widespread support from like-minded organizations and individuals throughout Kerala. Our efforts were acknowledged through extensive news coverage, television debates, and features, creating an opportunity for collaboration with non-violent and environmental organizations. The expansion of the humanist movement across different parts of Kerala became a reality.

2010: Embracing Global Initiatives

In 2010, we proudly joined forces with the World March promotion team for a world without war. We actively participated in organizing World March events in Kannur and Trichur districts, further reinforcing our commitment to global peace and harmony.

Promoting Dialogue and Personal Development

Throughout the years, the Community for Human Development has facilitated numerous debates and workshops at both the neighborhood and district levels. Our focus extends beyond collective efforts, emphasizing personal development programs for community volunteers. We have conducted various levels of personal work programs to empower individuals and foster their growth.

2016: A Common Platform for Peace

In 2016, we initiated "The People's Movement for Peace," a common platform against political violence. This endeavor united numerous organizations and continues to thrive in Kannur district. With the participation of around 35 grassroots organizations, the community remains a vital partner in this platform, working together to create a peaceful and harmonious environment.

2022: Combating Drug Abuse Amongst the Youth

In 2022, we embarked on an anti-drugs campaign targeting students and youth. Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, we aimed to raise awareness and educate young individuals on the dangers of substance abuse, promoting a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

Future Endeavors: Expanding Horizons

Looking ahead, our vision is to establish a presence in all 14 districts of Kerala by the end of 2025. With community promotion groups already operating in 9 districts and a fully active base group in Kannur, we are poised for growth. We foster collaboration through physical meetings twice a year, where members from all districts come together. Additionally, we maintain regular online meetings, encouraging participation from various districts.

In line with our expansion plans, we aim to extend our activities into neighboring states such as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. By broadening our reach, we aspire to positively impact more communities and contribute to creating a harmonious society.

Together, we remain dedicated to promoting humanism, fostering peace, and driving positive change.

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