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  • The Community for Human Development. October 2. World Day of Non-Violence 2014.

The Community for Human Development. October 2. World Day of Non-Violence 2014.


The Community for Human Development. October 2. World Day of Non-Violence 2014.

Seven years ago, the General Assembly of the UN declared 2nd of October the World Day of Non-violence, in memory of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi and called to celebrate it. The Community for Human Development included it in his world calendar boosting its performance.

The Community, social and cultural grouping of the Humanist Movement, with its thousands of volunteers, has been working 50 years with the aim of installing a Culture of Peace and Non-violence in the world. A culture and a new consciousness that rejects violence, places the human being as the central value and use nonviolence as a method of action.

 We know that the current situation is very critical. Poverty in many regions, clashes between cultures, violence and discrimination contaminate the lives of the population. Armed conflicts in Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, the Islamic State, USA, Europe... with a deep global financial crisis and a nuclear threat is the biggest urgency of the moment. This is a very complex situation. Irresponsible nuclear powers, the madness of violent groups and the risk of accident can trigger a devastating conflict. We live the failure of a system whose central value is money and whose method of action is violence.


To avoid the nuclear catastrophe that seems to threaten the world of the more or less immediate future, we must work today, overcoming social and personal violence while DEMANDING:

 1 The Global Nuclear Disarmament.

 2 The immediate withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories.

 3 Progressive and proportional reduction of weapons of mass destruction.

 4 Signature of non-aggression treaties between countries.

 5 Disclaimer of governments to use war as a means of resolving conflicts.

It is urgent to raise awareness of Peace and disarmament. Raise awareness of non-violence to all forms of violence (physical, economic, racial, religious, psychological and gender). We hope that this new sensibility will be installed and stirs social structures paving the way for future Universal Human Nation. We call on the United Nations and its State Member l to take action and promote the recognition of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in their states. Our destiny is a common destiny. The moral principle of a nonviolent world is "Treat others as you like to be treated."

 They say that violence has no solution, that conflicts such as wars, abuse, racism, and human exploitation can't be solved. And they are right. You can't put an end to violence. There never will be peace because to end Violence, Violence is also used.

 Only Nonviolence is able to stop the fire of a crazed violence. Only nonviolence can rekindle the inner faith and inner meditation to end the violence. Only nonviolence can flood with Peace, hope and faith a human being ravaged by wars, hunger, injustice, disease and nonsense.

 Can we put an end to Violence? Sure, with nonviolence.

 How does non-violence works, what is your method?

In front of all forms of discrimination and violence, not violence begets not work with it. Turn down violence. Reject violence. Evacuate and denounce it publicly. Call the organization and social, voluntary and community building; civil disobedience against state violence; resolution to support everything which promotes nonviolence to resist and overcome the roots of violence in oneself. And also, to develop the virtues and the deepest human aspirations.

 Driving the "Letter for a World without Violence" proposed by the Peace Nobel Laureates and Nobel Organizations for Peace in 2009, two great souls accompany us on this World Day of Non-violence, both fought against discrimination and injustice , Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, they too knew failure but never gave up on his attempt.

 Because Nonviolence is more than one method. Nonviolence has a deep spiritual meaning, a value able to connect social and personal action with the most profound and worthy intentions and aspirations of human beings. Spirituality and Nonviolence are inseparable and when they are separated or left aside they lose their deep transformer meaning.

 We thank all the brave men and women, the celebration of this World Day of Non-violence, and thank Silo, our guide, founder of Universalist Humanism, to repeat his words:

 "It is worthy that this message and this Universalist Humanism gets stronger. It is worthy that youngpeople join this Moral Force as a variant of the story ... That his flow will be unstoppable and its rumor will be heard in all languages ​​of the earth. Then, the new generations begin to teach the adults with a new love and a new understanding. "


The Community for Human Development. World Day of Non-Violence 2014.


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