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October 2, 2016 - International Day of Non-Violence

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Next 2nd of October we will radiate with force the message that says:

"Nonviolence is the only way out"

In 2007 the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) Organization, established October 2 as the "International Day of Non-Violence".

This coming October 2nd of October of 2016, finds our world immersed in a process of crisis, increasing violence and disintegration.

No region, no country, no group or person escapes this situation.

The escalation of violence and suffering is expressed in different ways, from the most abhorrent and cruel to the most hidden and subtle.

Regional famines, wars and conflicts, millions of refugees abandoned by the countries, permanent nuclear threat, cultural and ethnic wars, financial crisis, economic exploitation, growing unemployment and threats of all kinds seem to multiply in every corner of the planet.

At the same time, violence and suffering also invade rapidly the interiority of human being, submerging him/her into despair and life’s nonsense, and generating an increasing of mental illnesses, personal violence, madness, isolation, lack of communication and suicide.

It is false and illusory to imagine that these serious problems will be solved only by the action of governments or the sectors of the current world power that generated the crisis. It is required the reflection and decisive action of organizations and ordinary people who want to live in a better world.

Day after day, expressions of those who struggle to transform a violent and inhuman system multiplies: solidarity mobilizations of aid to refugees, war demonstrations against war in Europe, America and Asia, mobilizations of the "outraged" that oppose in all cases to the inhuman economic system that governs them; massive non-violent demonstrations of new generations to demand better education and social justice; all this added to dozens of activities that develop humanists around the globe, in their neighborhoods , universities and workplaces.

Nonviolent sensitivity is felt in the proposals of many organizations and individuals. From the community we welcome and encourage these enablers expressions of a non-violent future.
Today, more than ever, as we recall the 2nd of October as the International Day of Non-Violence, members of The Community around the world want to repeat the most important proclamation of this moment, which tells us:

"Nonviolence is the only way out"

"Non-violence" is physical nonviolence, economic nonviolence, religious nonviolence, racial nonviolence and psychological nonviolence.

We invite all friends and solidarity organizations to multiply our voices next 2 October. Let’s spread the message of non-violence with strenght in every corner of the planet.

Let the "shout" of good people, who aspire to live in a supportive and non- violent world, be heard. So the force of this shout will be multiplied to transform violence and suffering into peace, solidarity and joy. Like Silo, spiritual leader of nonviolence, said:

"... All I ask is that these tremendous forces that history triggers, generate a planetary and truly human civilization in which inequality and intolerance are forever abolished. Then, as an old book says: "the weapons will be turned into farming tools".

The Community (for Human Development)
Word Coordination Team
September 2016

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